Descargar google earth windows 7

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Descargar google earth windows 7

Google earth online

If you want to move with Street View to see the streets as if you were in them, click on the orange monkey, drag and drop it where you want it to move. Use the joysticks to change its perspective.

Layers allow you to see different information of interest, such as commercial, geographical, etc. To see or hide a particular layer, check the corresponding box in the left panel. Remember that you need to be close enough to see the available data.

Google earth pro 7.1 full download

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Download google earth pro free

The program can be used in several ways – the first involves downloading and installing a standalone application on your hard drive, the second requires the installation of a plug-in, and the third is aimed at mobile users using iPhones or Android phones.

The application is integrated with Wikipedia. This allows you to quickly obtain additional information (text, images) during viewing. Photos are also available on other integrated services – Panoramio. Additional data is displayed on the map layer called Geographic Web.

Download google earth for windows 7

It has different developments on different platforms: for PC Linux and Windows 10 and earlier, in APK format for Android and even for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. It also has the Pro version, which can be downloaded for free but offers advanced features for users who want to use the tool in business environments.

The program facilitates access to maps, satellite images or 3D recreations of any part of the world and even outer space and the constellations of the Universe with high quality and from the desktop of the computer. It does so thanks to its different features and functions:

The professional or full version of the software is developed so that it can be used in those professional environments where it becomes necessary to work with different cartographic data and functions, so you can’t really say which one is better. It will depend on the use that will be given because they are not features that are going to be used, normally, by home users so two different downloads are offered from the web. The Pro is, therefore, a bit heavier as it has more options:

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